Preference List

We want your stay on board PLAY FELLOW to be unforgettable. Therefore, we have taken the time to create this preference list. Your completion of this document will let us know about the specific likes and dislikes you and your guests may have, and it gives us the opportunity to plan and cater to your individual tastes. Please contact all of the members of your party before completing this form.

We want to ensure that their favourites are on board as well. Be mindful that while we will endeavour to have your preferred items on board, sometimes we may be limited by what is available on the places you choose to visit. You are welcome to print this list, complete it by circling your preference. Please send the scanned list to if you prefer to fill this list by computer, please type within the boxes and highlight in red the items you prefer. Save the document with your preferences and attach it to an email to the address above.

phone 512 +385 98 161 49 60     phone 512 +385 98 420 850

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